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Spelling City

Spelling City  is an on-line game based program with over 42,000 spelling words with customizable sentences and definitions. The program provides twenty five games to play on-line or to print such as Hang Mouse, Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, Word-O-Rama, Vocabulary Test, and Alphabetical Order. The site also has free printable handwriting worksheets and teacher training videos. Teachers and parents have the ability to save their customized lists. The site also provides teaching resources with lesson plans. If you are a teacher the site has Parent Letters available as a PDF form to print and send home with the student's word list. Spelling City is for grades K-12 and the cost is $29.99 per family for the Premium Membership. With this option the user will receive:

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My daughter really enjoyed playing some of the games provided by Spelling City. One of her favorites was Hang Mouse. It's an on line version of hangman. To play the child would click on letters one at a time and try to complete the word before the cat catches the mouse.Word-O-Rama was another game she wanted to try out. "The object of Word-O-Rama is to identify words by their definitions, synonyms, antonyms, or by their context within a sentence." Since we have been learning about the different parts of speech, I had her try the game Parts of Speech. "Parts of Speech provides a fun way for students to learn not only the different parts of speech, but the parts of a sentence as well. The object of the Parts of Speech game is to identify the part of speech of the given word as it is used in each sentence." While playing this game there were a few sentences that did not have the "word" underlined for her to be able to answer the question. The Teacher Resource page had many useful Language Arts Lessons, Useful Word List, Articles
(educational), and Help and Information (how to videos). The Premium Teacher Tool Box had all of the links the teacher/parent would need to review the students' grades, manage the assignments, and many other useful information.

Overall Thoughts:

My daughter loves to play games on the computer so Spelling City was a good match for her. Since the program is educational, I had no objection with her getting on the computer and playing for a longer then normal time. Her and I really enjoyed this program and would recommend it. I enjoyed how I was able to incorporate the games into my current lessons. For example, the game Parts of Speech was a great activity for her to review nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. The How to Videos were very helpful. "Vocabulary Spelling City's Training Videos offer assistance for our users who tend to be more visual learners. Our goal is to ensure that our site is as user-friendly as possible. Not only do we offer training videos on using the site and informative videos describing some of our features, but we also offer videos featuring (some actually created by) actual Vocabulary Spelling City members!"  As a Premium Member I was able to create customized assignments. The Gradebook tab allowed me to view my daughter's spelling and vocabulary test scores. Some of the games are available in printable worksheet. This would be helpful if we would be out of town and did not have access to a computer. This product is complete for its purpose and I would recommend it.


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I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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