Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sebring Macaroni Kid

 So a few months ago, I heard through a friend of mine about an on line company by the name of Macaroni Kid. I went to their web site and loved what they offer. Macaroni Kid offers free newsletters to subscribers and a calendar of events occurring locally (for me Highlands County) to every individual that visits the site. I also have a Fan Page where I just raffled gifts donated by Highlands County Children's Museum, Highlands Little Theatre, Highlands County YMCA, Brewsters, Orchid Hill Stables , and Building Blocks Early Learning. For a small monthly fee, my friend and I decided to sign up and become publishers. I'm really loving the journey. I have met so many helpful people. For example, the PR of Downtown Sebring. On a weekly bases she is sending me a calendar of events occurring locally for me to post the on site. I have also met the director of a local mental health group who is also helping me fill up the calendar with events. The co-publisher is computer literate so she is putting banners up and doing many of the back ground stuff. And finally, I have been welcomed by the other local publishers and it has been a huge blessing. They are always willing to help and are very friendly.

So now you are probably thinking "How do you benefit from this?" Well, I've met some pretty awesome people and I also sell advertising space to local businesses. For a minimal monthly fee, I/friend will post your banner on the site. For a smaller amount, we are able to add your business link to our directory.

With the way technology is going, people are more and more relying on technology to advertise. It's inexpensive and it reaches thousands and thousands of people. I have people reading my Blog that live in the states and many that live in other countries. How awesome is that!!!!

I'm really thankful That God has opened this door for me and I hope that in all I do and say I bring Glory to Him.

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