Sunday, January 27, 2013

Couple's Devotional By James Dobson

Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:8
The young husband was desperate. His wife had abandoned him and their 2 children weeks before. Though she still called occasionally, he had no idea where she was. On the phone, he pleaded with her to come home and told her how much he and the children loved her, yet she continually rebuffed him. Was it time to give up and move on? No. The husband used his meager savings to hire a detective, who found his wife living in a third-rate hotel across country. The husband borrowed money for a plane ticket. Soon he was on her doorstep saying, "We love you so much. Won't you come home?" She fell apart in his arms, and they went home together. Weeks later he asked why she hadn't come when he expressed his love repeatedly on the phone. "Because, she answered,"those were only words before. But the you came." True love is more then words. It may involve flying across the country, even when it costs you your last nickel, to bring your spouse home.
1) How have I shown you my love this week?
2) If "actions speak louder than words,"are my deeds shouting or whispering my love for you?
3) What can I do this week to show my love for you?
4) How, specifically, did Jesus show us His love?
Dear Lord Jesus, we wnat both our words and our actions to say "love" in personal, powerful, and positive ways. Show us new ways to "honor one another above ourselves." Amen

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