Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review on Scaredy Cat Reading System Level 3

 Scaredy Cat Reading System Level Three (SCRS L3) 

About SCRS L3:

Joyce Herzog has a reading and spelling program that focuses on single syllable words, teaches word building through adding of prefixes and suffixes, beginning language, and thinking skills. The Scaredy Cat Reading System Level 3 program comes with a teacher's manual ,a student activity book, 2 audio CDs ,the reader, and a fun learning packet. The learning packet includes word and phrase flash cards and several games. The price for the entire reading and spelling program is $100 (Prices subject to change without notice.) The program provides a  free placement test to help you decide what level the child would be in. Once the child completes level 3, she may be able to score at a fourth grade reading and spelling level.

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Our Homeschool Experience: 

My 7 year old daughter was really excited when the package came with all of the Scaredy Cat Reading System materials. She had fun playing some of the educational games and completing the assignments found in the activity book. One of her favorite games was "Squeeze S-t-r-e-t-c-h Game." In this game, her and I had to draw a card, name the picture on it, and move to the first space with that beginning blend. Another game that she enjoyed playing was "Review Game". In this game my daughter reviewed blends. She also enjoyed acting out the review questions and being able to select what activity she wanted to complete. Additionally, she enjoyed listening to the audio script and I appreciated the answer key. I also loved all of the suggested activities for the word cards and working with sentences. Having her read thirty words in one minute and spell 10 random words correctly was really beneficial for me. It helped me to understand if my daughter had mastered that particular lesson or if we needed to stay on that lesson for a bit longer. 

One game that neither of us understood how to play was the "Encourager E Game." The game was designed to help the child understand the effects of the letter "E" at the end of a word. For example, bad and bade, kit and kite, and Jan and Jane. My husband and I both read the instructions and neither of us understood how to play it. My 7 year old wanted to play the game so I modified it. What I did was have my daughter roll the die and whatever number was facing up, that was how many spaces she had to move. When she landed on a particular spot, she had to read the two words written in the boxes. Unfortunately, there were several lessons that had misspelled words, words that were copied repeatedly, and sentences that were written several times for the same activity. Scaredy Cat Reading System had some faults but overall, I would recommend it.


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