Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review on Hands of a Child

About "In the Hands of a Child":

Hands of a Child provides adults with a wide choice of products in electronic format. The packs are available as Lapbooks or as Note PacksKitchen Science is one of their hands-on curriculum including Lapbook Projects, Notebooking Packs and Thematic Unit Study Packs. This unit study is designed for children in K-3rd grade. The student will learn about chemical reactions, oxidation, heat, density, and the similarities between a kitchen lab and a science lab . "This pack includes a 5-day Planning Guide, Related Reading List, 15 Hands-On Activities PLUS 1 Fun Extension Activity, a 5-page Research Guide, and an Answer Key."

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Our Homeschool Experience:

Hands of a Child was really a lot of fun!!! My daughter loved to do all of the experiments. For each activity, I would print out the template and have her fill out the required information. For example, for the vocabulary words and their definitions, I had her glue the information onto the Lapbook. Before we would begin every lesson, I would go over the vocabulary words with her. I would say the word and she had to tell me what the definition was. She also learned the difference between a science lab and a kitchen lab. We saw the chemical reaction when mixing baking soda and vinegar. She learned why fruits and vegetables become "brown" when exposed to oxygen. We also learned why a frozen onion will not make you cry.

My daughter helping me cut the onion before placing it in the freezer.

I appreciated the planning guide. It provided a 5 day schedule of what vocabulary words she needed to learn, what books we could incorporate into the lesson, and what activities we needed to complete for each day. 

She also learned what happens when we placed marshmallows in the microwave. The above picture is her numbering the marshmallows. Each one had to be placed in the microwave at different settings. After each experiment, she wrote down what she observed. Once the marshmallows cooled, we talked about the texture of each and their appearance.

With the experiment above, my daughter learned about density. She learned how the density of the water changes when salt is added. After we discussed the results, she answered the questions provided in the packet. "Why do you think the egg floated in the salt water? Do you think an egg would float or sink in the ocean?"

The packet also included very simple instructions on how to create your own Lapbook.  The questions and answer key at the end of the packet were very helpful. My daughter and I learned a lot from this packet. We loved it and would recommend it.

I have been given this product free of charge for review purposes. 

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