Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Common Core and the Catholic Church

Common Core
Continuing My Research

The National Catholic Register is a Catholic newspaper. On Sept 8, 2013, correspondent Charlotte Hays writes an article about Common Core and its implementation in Catholic schools. “The National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), while not formally endorsing Common Core, has been holding workshops on how to implement the standards in Catholic schools. The Common Core State Standards were developed by state education officials under the auspices of the National Governors Association. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supported the process with grants totaling $150 million. The Obama administration is firmly behind CCSS.” Unfortunately, for some, refusing grant money is difficult.

Although some are proponents of the implementation of Common Core, there are others that are opposing its commence. For example, “Father Peter Stravinskas, executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation, is hosting a conference on “Catholic Concerns About the Common Core” at the Stella Maris Retreat Center in Elberon, N.J., Nov. 5-6. Co-hosts are the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS), the schools office of the Diocese of Gaylord, Mich., and the superintendent of high schools of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.” At the meeting concerns will be addressed as to how Common Core will affect Catholic schools. “We certainly don’t have to use the curriculum materials that are being suggested, many of which are very problematic,” Father Stravinskas said.

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