Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review on Flip Flop Spanish

About Flip Flop Spanish:

See It and Say It is a 2 year curriculum for ages 3 to 93. The program comes with 3 sets of flash cards, a whiteboard paddle, and 4 audio CDs. You will go through each lesson three times per week. "Lessons include optional writing elements as well as plenty of voice bubbles coming from mascot Egg Head to explain the grammatical concepts along the way." Every 6 weeks, the program provides an opportunity for your family to enjoy a Spanish movie or review old flashcards.The flash cards have a picture of the item on one side and on the back, you will find the Spanish word broken down into sounds, a colored line, and underneath the line, the English word. All 3 sets of cards have a different colored line in between the Spanish and English word. "If you keep your cards in sandwich baggies, or rubber bands, and in order, this makes it VERY easy to find which cards to begin with each day." On the website, you will find a tab labeled Tips and Games. Here you will find suggested games such as Bingo, Extend and Challenge, and many more.

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Our Homeschool Experience:

Flip Flop Spanish is a great program. We loved being able to play the suggested games and make sentences using the flash cards. One of the games that we enjoyed playing was "Using Spanglish." In this game, I would ask my daughter a question using both English and Spanish words. For example, I would have her hide while I placed the flash cards all around our living room. When I was finished, I would have her come out and ask "Adonde esta the fork?" She had to go around the room and once she found the "fork" she would say "El tenedor esta aqui." The fork is here. We also used the flashed cards and made sentences with them. For instance, we would take the flash cards with the picture of the dog and the one with the ice cream on it. We would write the word "and" on an index card (in Spanish its "y") and build a sentence using both flash cards and the index card. We also played "Red Light Green Light" using the flash cards. I would stand at one end of the room and my daughter would stand at the other end. I would show her a card and she would tell me in Spanish what was pictured on the card. If she answered correctly, I would say "green light" and she would move towards me until I said "red light." The object of the game was to have my daughter touch me. Once she "touched me," she won the game and now it was her turn to pull out the flash cards while I had to tell her what was pictured on them. Since I'm fluent in Spanish, I knew the names of the objects on the flash cards. What I would do is answer incorrectly and see if she would figure it out.

I also enjoyed being able to review a particular lesson while we would be in our vehicle traveling out of town. We participate in a co-op that is about 45 minutes away from were we live. On the way to and from we would play games using the flash cards from that days lesson. My nephew (He is almost 4.) and my other daughter (She is 3.) would also participate in the games.

The lessons were really short and user friendly. It probably took us about 15 minutes to complete an entire lesson. This prevented boredom which happens frequently with a 7 year old. The lessons would provide information such as what materials were needed for that lesson and what cards were going to be used for the following task. This helped me to be a bit more organized since I knew ahead of time what flash cards I was going to need for the following day.

I have been given this product free of charge for review purposes. 

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