Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review on Time 4 Learning

About Time 4 Learning:

Time 4 Learning is an online curriculum for kids in preschool - 12 grade that combines education with interactive fun. "Animated lessons, interactive activities, printable worksheets and detailed reporting make the learning system a top selection of the "Top 100 Educational Websites" list, year after year." Time 4 Learning provides automated grading, lesson plans, and detailed reporting that track progress. The lessons are presented at the student's pace. Language Arts and math correlate with your state's standards and science, social studies, and art are available in most grades. Please click on this link so you may find some demos.

PreK-8th Grade:
$19.95 Per Month
$14.95 each addt'l child

High School:
$30 Per Month
Includes 4 Courses

Prices subject to change without notice.

Our Homeschool Experience:

My 7 year old really loved completing the assignments found in Time 4 Learning. From all of the subjects offered, she loved Science the best. Once she signed in and clicked on the icon for Science, she saw 3 choices, "Patterns in Nature", "Force in Motion", and "Earth and Space". Even though there was an arrow showing the suggested sequence,  she decided to complete them out of order. The first one that she was interested in was "Moon and Earth". Once she clicked on this icon, she had two other choices to choose from. The 2 resources provided were "Sun, Earth, and Moon" and "The voyage to the Earth, Moon, and Sun". When she clicked on "Sun, Earth, and Moon" the animation made it seem like she was inside of a spaceship. Here she met "Neep". "Neep" would teach her about the sun, earth, and moon. With "The voyage to the Earth", my daughter was at a carnival. Here my daughter learned about the Sun being a star and how it shines on the Earth and Moon. She also learned that Earth is a planet and has water, air, and life. As far as the Moon, she learned that it is cold and it does not shine on its own. After these two lessons, she was given a quiz.

She had so much fun playing some of the games found in the "Playground". But the only way she was able to access this section was if she completed the lesson until the timer ran out. The "Page Color" gave her an opportunity to personalize the look of the site.In the section "Parent" I was given the opportunity to change the time settings for that particular day or permanently. In the section labeled "My portfolio"I was able to find what assignments she had competed that day, week, or month.We really loved Time 4 Learning and we would recommend it.


I have been given this product free of charge for review purposes. 

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  1. My 6 year old likes the "Play Ground" too! It is so nice knowing that I have found a curriculum that will work for years to come :)

  2. We have never tried Time 4 Learning but it sounds great.