Friday, March 7, 2014

Product Review "See The Light: The Easter Story"

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Product Review "See The Light: The Easter Story:"

See The Light Shine consists of a team of Christians. The ARTISTS provide "specialties that include teaching a large variety of techniques, art history, chalk artistry, performance art, gospel chalk art (with black light), crafts, creative lettering, and more; MUSICIANS whose talents include songwriting, musical performance, arranging, and producing."

In this DVD Bible Story Crossmaker Easter Story and Art Lesson, Heidi Shorts (See The Light artist) teaches on the art of Creative Lettering. (28 minutes) Gloria Kohlmann (chalk artist and commentary) draws her interpretation of the Easter story. See The Light Art Teacher Pat Knepley provides students with a step-by-step drawing lesson using chalk pastels. At the end of the lesson, the student is able to create her own black light reveal. (32 minutes) And "Jim Pence gives a tutorial in water colors as young artists discover The Joy of Art." (25 minutes) As a bonus, "REVEL in the original contemporary music per- formed by “Breathing Room” recording artists Jan Roper and Kevin Dukes while watching Gloria Kohlmann draw her remarkable art expression of the Easter Story." The story is for children 3 years old and older and the art lessons are for 6 years old and older.

THE CROSSMAKER story starts with an older man "grandpa" telling a group of children a Bible story of a boy named Dominic. Dominic was asked by his father to deliver crosses. The young boy is not thrilled to comply. He is embarrassed and is concerned because his friends will ridicule him. His father shares that the crosses are going to be for three men. Two were criminals and the third.... we know He was not. (16 minutes)

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Our Homeschool Experience:

My daughter and I loved watching the story of the little boy named Dominic. Watching him go through struggles with feelings of embarrassment and concern for what others think is a daily issue for some of us. We also loved watching Gloria's interpretation of the Easter Story. And we loved the usage of Scripture during the art lessons.

I loved the utilization of mixed media. For example, my daughter learned about Creative Lettering, water colors, and using chalk pastels. The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow. The website included all of the information needed to find out what supplies would be used for each project. The "big reveal" was pretty awesome to see.

My daughter's big reveal
One of the techniques that we learned was how to use tissue or a cloth to control the shade of a color. By using a tissue, you are able to pull some of the pastel making a softer shade. By using a light a dark version of the same color, one may make the illusion of a rocky surface. We also learned how to lift a piece of paper when using water colors to make the colors blend.

My daughter and I love, love, love The See the Light Bible Stories collection. 

"The SEE THE LIGHT team is dedicated to bringing scripture and biblical principles to viewers in a fresh, engaging way. . . and promising to teach some exciting art skills along the way!"

I have been given this product free of charge for review purposes. 


  1. Awesome! I love the lettering she created. Looks like a Spring family gift idea!

  2. What a cool idea! I love it! She must have been so pleased with her creation... it's so detailed.

    Thanks for sharing.