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Homeschool Legacy Lewis & Clark From Sea to Shining Sea


Lewis & Clark From Sea to Shining Sea: 

Homeschool Legacy  offers a once a week 7 week unit studies for grades 2 -12. The unit studies include library reading selections, interesting documentaries, and fun read -alouds. Each week the family may enjoy devotionals that focus on character traits such as diligence, preparedness, perseverance, joy, and faithfulness. The student has the opportunity to keep a history time line notebook as well as learn geography while making a topographical map and charting the journey. The unit study also provides an opportunity for the child to learn about the colonies of New France and the French explorers who settled them. Learning about the beaver and the epic part it played in the expansion westward is also a lesson provided in the study. Furthermore, the student will meet Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery. While learning about these two explorers the student will be introduced to a classic Cajun meal. While keeping a journal the child will learn about the plants and animals Lewis and Clark encountered. The child will also be introduced to the various Native American nations who helped Lewis and Clark in their journey. Students will have the opportunity to investigate the link between Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Louisiana Purchase. The study provides suggestions for fun educational field trips and creative writing assignments. Homeschool Legacy Lewis and Clark From Sea to Shining Sea also introduces the student to artist such as Thomas Moran and Yellowstone.

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My Homeschool Experience:

For this school year, I decided I wanted my 6 year old daughter to learn about one of the most important journeys in American History. The unit study Lewis & Clark From Sea to Shining Sea provided me with lessons pertaining to their journey, the animals they had encountered, and the Indians they had met. Even though my daughter is not currently involved in American Heritage Girls, the study provided an opportunity for a young lady to earn her merit badges. The lessons also would give a Boy Scout the same possibility. Even though the unit study is designed for once a week lessons, I decided to make the study my core curriculum. All of the lessons were written out for me. The library list was alphabetized and every listed book had either 1-3 "pluses" by it. Each "plus" meant how difficult the book would be. The unit studies were Biblically centered which I loved. My daughter was not only learning about History, Geography, Science, Art, and many other subjects but she was also learning about the Bible. The lessons were fun and creative. When learning about Louisiana, the unit study talked about mollusk and crustacean. That evening I made a meal with shrimp which my daughter loved. We also listened to zydeco music and she made a wash board instrument. While learning about Thomas Jefferson and what an extraordinary man of many interests he was we took a  look at a virtual tour of Monticello. She also learned that President Jefferson had written the Declaration of Independence and had purchased the Louisiana Territory. My daughter also kept a journal (as Lewis & Clark did ) and recorded everything she had learned. She went on an adventure with her dad to explore the property behind us. They looked for animal tracks and tried to figure out what animal had left the print. My daughter and I really loved this unit study and we would recommend it.

Overall Thought:

I loved this unit study and enjoyed so many aspects of it. Every single lesson had a devotional connected to the unit study. Being able to read the Bible with my daughter is such a priceless experience. The unit studies brought the whole family together. I was teaching and my husband was involved in the outside learning experiences. Even though the unit studies are designed for children in 2nd grade and above, I was able to modify the lessons in order to help her understand them. The suggested activities also help me to be able to change the activity around so she could understand it. Since the unit studies encompassed so many subjects, I did not have to purchase curriculum to incorporate certain subjects into our homeschool day. Each week includes so many suggested activities but one could decide which ones to compete. It is not complete for its purpose since books have to be checked out and there are suggested movies that would need to be rented.

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