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Tapestry of Grace Homeschool Curriculum

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 Tapestry of Grace


 Tapestry of Grace is a Christian homeschool curriculum that provides parents a classical education using a guided unit study approach. The K-12 curriculum is based on world history which cycles every 4 years. TOG provides an opportunity for children of all different ages to be studying the same topic each week at their own learning level. "Detailed lesson plans and discussion outlines enable parents to be their children’s primary teachers and mentors and shape their students’ biblical worldviews." Tapestry of Grace offers three different purchase options. The first is the digital edition and the cost for this is $170.00. The print option cost $295.00 and the digital edition plus print cost $315.00.  

Pop Quiz is an audio CD that provides dads an opportunity to be involved in their child's schooling. The CD gives dads a brief summary of the student's weekly topics. It provides age-appropriate questions so that Dad can be a part of the homeschool experience. The CD's are great for moms too since it provides questions the mom may use to help the student review that week's topic. The set for the whole year goes for $50.00. The Pop Quiz CDs may also be purchased per unit for $15.00 each.

Lapbooks are a  great method to use to assess your hands-on learner's knowledge and review of the topic. "Flaps, tabs, mini-books and so much more make a regular set of folders and paper burst with historical life. Available in CD format (for the family with multiple children), as a kit (for the student who learns best by making) and pre-assembled (for the student who learns best by exploring), lapbooks are a delightful addition to your student's education." Lapbooks are designed for children in lower level. The set for the whole year cost $55.00 but the lapbooks may also be purchased for $15.00 per unit. There is also a lapbook template. This option is good for those families that have younger children. The templates may be used later on when the child is able to cut and paste.

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My Experience:

My daughter was 5 years old when we started TOG. She really enjoyed making the crafts and learning about History and the Bible. Every morning when we started our school day she would ask " Are we going to do Tapestry first?" One of her favorite stories was learning about Moses. She enjoyed listening to the Bible story and also going outside and trying to measure (using her feet) how long the ark would of been. She also made a basket out of newspaper. We also learned about the Israelite, their experiences under the dictatorship of the Pharaoh, and after being released into the desert. We made some Jewish recipes and learned about some of the Jewish Holidays. Learning about the Romans was also very interesting. There are so many things we use today that were created by the Romans. My daughter and I built a Roman road. She made some Roman sandals and played some of the games the Roman children would of played back then. We learned about the catacombs and how they were used by the Early Christians. My daughter and I built a catacomb (out of a sheet),she drew pictures on construction paper, and taped them to the sheet. We then turned off the light, got under the sheet, and turned on a lantern. She then explained what her drawings meant. This is probably how  the Early Christians met in order to avoid persecution. For the end of every unit, I would find music pertaining to that time period on the computer. We would play the music while celebrating all of the work she had accomplished. I would also find recipes and have my daughter cook. One recipe that we made was a meal that the Egyptians would of eaten while in the desert. My daughter and I really enjoyed learning together and I would recommend Tapestry of Grace.

Overall Thoughts:

What is so amazing about TOG is the opportunity that it gives the parent to learn with the child. I have learned so much about the Bible and the history of our Christian faith. Learning together with my daughter was such a precious experience. Using the Lapbooks was a nontraditional method of evaluating what my daughter had learned from the particular unit. My daughter is a kinesthetic learner so doing anything with her hands is extremely fun for her. The Pop Quiz audio CD also came in handy. I would listen to the CD and then ask my daughter the questions I had heard on the CD. This was another method that I used to evaluate my daughter's understanding of the lesson. We love Tapestry of Grace!!


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