Monday, September 10, 2012

Marshall Publishing The Historic Expedition of Lewis and Clark

The DVD The Historic Expedition of Lewis & Clark offers one of the most significant explorations in American History. This documentary depicts the westward journey of Meriwether Lewis & William Clark through the Missouri River from 1804-1806. Lewis & Clark led the Corps of Discovery on an 8,000 mile journey to the unknown."Starting at the meeting of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, they traveled by foot, boat, and horseback – all the way to the Pacific Ocean and back." The Historic Expedition of Lewis & Clark DVD tells the story of the exploration, includes diary excerpts, their encounters with the Indians, shows the landscape, and includes a summary of the teams objective and accomplishments.
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This school year my 6 year old daughter has been learning about the expedition of Lewis & Clark. The DVD provided beautiful scenes of The Missouri Water Falls as well as live re-enactments and illustrated maps. It is a very engaging documentary. While watching the DVD she would ask questions such as "How did they use the wind to sail the boat?" While the DVD was describing the mutual respect Lewis & Clark had towards each other and how this made their exploration successful, I paused the DVD. I asked her "Why do you believe their relationship had a positive reaction to their exploration?" She said "They liked each other a lot and they helped each other." This scene became a lesson on relationships and how important it is to be respectful and kind. We also discussed Lewis' and Clark's friendship with Sacagawea and how vital she was to their exploration of the west. She also learned about Thomas Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory from the French. When talking about France I was able to show my daughter on our globe where France is and all of the states that encompassed the Louisiana Territory. While looking at the globe I was also able to show her where the Mississippi River and the Missouri River are. When watching the scene about the Indians the Corps of Discovery Crew had encountered, the video had Indian music playing in the background. Watching the video enabled me to incorporate subjects such as social studies, history, science and geography. We also had a discussion about the animals the crew would of encountered. The DVD also gave us the opportunity to talk about perseverance, preparedness, and determination. We also talked about Thomas Jefferson and how he wrote the Declaration of Independence. The Historic Expedition of Lewis & Clark is complete for its purpose and I would recommend it.

Overall Thoughts:
I enjoyed watching the video The Historic Expedition of Lewis & Clark with my 6 year old daughter. This video was very educational and gave me the opportunity to teach her not only about the expedition but also about character. The video was very engaging and it provided an insight on the experiences the Corps of Discovery Crew must of endured. The photography was beautiful and watching the Missouri Falls was breath taking. The Historic Expedition of Lewis & Clark won the Blue Ribbon Winner - American Film & Video Festival Bronze Apple Award - National Educational Film & Video Festival. This is a great program and my daughter and I enjoyed watching it together.

"Read what the rest of the Crew is saying about The Historic Expedition of Lewis & Clark."
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