Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Together Bringing Harmony Home

Music Together:
Music Together is a program that contains music for infants through kindergarten. This music program offers a movement approach to early childhood development. The internationally recognized music curriculum emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement. "Central to the Music Together approach is that young children learn best from the powerful role model of parents/caregivers who are actively making music." The program may be used in preschools, homeschool settings, early elementary classes, church groups, or clinical settings. Music Together Bringing Harmony Home also offers classes that are based on the understanding that all children are able to learn to sing a tune, keep a beat, and participate with self confidence. In addition, with the implementation of instruments, scarfs, and body movement the child is actively involved in the creation of the music. Music Together also offers a program for children with special needs. The cost for the Songbook is $29.95 and the cost for the CD is $14.95. If the music program is ordered as a combo (Songbook and CD K0227) you would save $5. If you purchase the combo and enter the code "Schoolhouse" at the check-out on the Music Together on-line store, you will save an additional $2. This is the URL that will take you directly to the songbook and CD web page Store.

Our Homeschool Experience:
My almost 7 year old, my 2 year old, and I enjoyed this music curriculum. It's actually the first opportunity I have had to involved my 2 year old in our homeschool journey. The music was so much fun to listen to and dance. We marched around the house moving our shoulders to the rhythm of the music. With some of the songs we danced around and played with scarfs.We also used our instruments like the egg shaker, steel drum, and sticks. One of our favorite songs was "Palo, Palo." I'm Hispanic so this song was a lot of fun to dance to and sing. Using large movements and having her take the lead was very encouraging to her and a lot of fun. My two daughters and I also danced and did the Conga Line to this same song. We also enjoyed using our sticks on the kitchen pots and pans when we were listening to "Playin' in the Kitchen." "One Little Owl" was another wonderful song the two girls and I danced to and acted out. My oldest and I each represented two of the animals mentioned in the song. The first time around she selected to be the squirrel and the cat. When the song mentioned the word "squirrel" she would hold her "paws" in front of her chest as she chattered. As the cat she would pretend to lick her "paws" and run around the living room meowing. The second time around she wanted to be the crow and the oak tree. As the crow, she spread her arms out and flapped them like wings. Then she ran around the room saying "caw, caw." When it was time for her to be the oak tree, she spread her arms wide as if they were branches. At the end of the song, the tree was "tired" from having all of the animals sitting on her. My daughter (oak tree) fell to the floor from exhaustion. Acting out the song was so much fun. Music Together created such an enriching musical environment. We all had such a great time listening to the music, dancing, playing instruments, acting the song out, and more importantly spending time together. My two daughters and I LOVED this program and WE would recommend it.

Overall Thoughts:
Music Together Bringing Harmony Home provided an opportunity for me to actively participate in the girls' education. When utilizing other curriculums, I was the teacher and I would instruct my oldest in what she needed to do. I participated in the crafts and many other activities but the opportunity was not as enriching as the one we had with Music Together. I really had such a great time dancing, singing, playing with instruments, and playing with scarfs with my girls. The suggested activities were also a lot of fun. The experience was priceless. Watching my 2 year old dance around and shake her little body to the music was so cute. I loved how the program brought us together as a family. The songbook was great. It provided so many different songs and activities. It is not complete for its purpose since instruments will be used but its an awesome program and really worth it.

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I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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