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Activity in a Bag Math & Science

Activity in a Bag 
Activity in a Bag:

Are you sometimes looking for fun and teachable activities for your children? Activity in a Bag  provides self guided activities for children from preschool through 8th grade. The activities are very engaging. "It has experiments they can see, touch, manipulate, and modify; situations that allow them to figure out what happens -- in short ,events, and puzzles that they can investigate, which is the very stuff of Science." Each activity is contained in a one gallon zipper bag. The cost for E Book 1 & 2 is $15 each. This includes instructions on how to coordinate a swap. For $27 you will receive Science Ebooks1 & 2 together at a discounted rate.  Biology, General Science, and Nature was one of the E books I selected to review. This book provides 25 samples of simple experiments. Chemistry, Human Body, and General Science E Book 2 also provides 25 samples of simple and engaging experiments. E Book 3 Chemistry, is available for $15 and the activity bag also includes instructions on how to coordinate a swap. The E Book Math includes 33 instructions for math games for elementary school-aged children and the cost is also $15. The games are designed for you to have fun with your child while reinforcing what ever skill is being taught. Most of the games are designed for 2 or more players. "These math games use materials found inside your home to make fun games that parents can use to strengthen their child's math skills and build strong, positive attitudes toward math."

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Homeschool Experience:

My 6 year old and I really enjoyed doing the Science projects together and playing the math games. My daughter learned how to make glue out of baking soda, skim milk, and vinegar. This concoction actually worked. There's another product that I was also reviewing and my daughter was suppose to glue a piece of paper unto card stock. The paper glued perfectly using the glue my daughter had created with the ingredients listed above. Another experiment that we enjoyed doing together was  observing how plants absorb water through their stems. The instructions asked us to use red and blue food coloring. Since we only had red, we used vanilla extract instead of the blue food coloring. Well, unfortunately this did not work out. I thought that maybe because the vanilla extract is colored, that we would be able to see the color in the stem but we couldn't. Also the experiment asked for us to use carnations. Instead of carnations, we used leaves and celery sticks. This worked and my daughter was able to see how water is absorb through the stems of the leaves and celery sticks. The "Bird Seed" experiment was also a lot of fun. At first, we thought we had done something incorrectly because the plants had not germinated but we were just being inpatient.:) For our last Science experiment we learned how a siphon works. My daughter filled one cup up with water and set an empty cup on the top of a thick book next to the cup filled with water. She then placed a plastic tube in the cup with water and the other end in the empty cup. She was able to see how the water flowed. For the Math Activity in a Bag, I selected "Double Digits." Since my daughter has been learning how to subtract 3 digit numbers with regrouping, I thought this game would be a fun way of practicing the concept. I had to modify it a bit and use 3 dice instead of 2. She would roll the 3 dice and then  look at the numbers and write down the biggest number she could make with those digits. She would roll the 3 dice again and this time she would write down the smallest number. Then she would subtract the smallest number from the largest. She would then write down the answer ( her score). After a few turns, the player with the most points would win. This game was a lot of fun!!!!

Making Glue

Bird Seed Experiment

Leaves Absorbing Colored Water

Math Game

Overall Thoughts:

My daughter and I would recommend Activity in a Bag and we LOVED it. We really enjoyed the hands on activities and the math game. It was so much fun to complete these activities together. The instructions were easy to follow and I really liked the observation questions found in the Science Activity Bag. At the end of the questions, the answers were provided. I also appreciated how everything was laid out. For example, the description of the experiment, the type, and the supplies that would be needed were all well explained. We also enjoyed playing math games. Since supplies had to be purchased in order to complete some of the experiments or games, Activity in a Bag is not complete for its purpose but I would recommend it.

I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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