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Beloved Books Sugar Creek Gang

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Sugar Creek Gang:

Beloved Books "has been involved with manufacturing and distribution of the  Sugar Creek Gang Adventure Time audio stories since 1998." Each story is about 2 hours long and each volume contains 6 stories. The stories are geared for children ages 5-15 and should be read in the order it is presented in the album. "Each story can stand alone, however there is a spiritual foundation that is built upon as the series progresses."There's a total of six volumes. Sugar Creek Gang comes in Cassettes and CDs. The stories are presented in the order the books were originally written by Paul Hutchens beginning in 1939. Paul Hutchens was an evangelist that traveled around the United States preaching and leading people to Jesus Christ. His time as an evangelist was cut short when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. "While recuperating from his illness, he tried his hand at writing and soon discovered that he had a great talent for it." His first book Sugar Creek Gang was published in 1939.

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Homeschool Experience:

My 6 year old daughter and I enjoyed listening to the Sugar Creek Gang stories. What I received to review was the first of six volumes. The Sugar Creek Gang consisted of Bill (young boy), Roy (friend of Bill), Big Jim (leader of gang), Jim Foot (brave and religious), Leslie Thomas (enjoyed quoting poetry), and Circus Brown (acrobatic). On one of the adventures the boys experienced, they went fishing and lost their clothing. My daughter loves to go fishing with her dad and "paw paw"(grandfather). Since she is a tactile leaner, I decided to help her make a fishing rod hence the picture below. My daughter went outside and picked a tree branch. We then went to the shed and found some yarn. She tied the yawn to the stick, cut out a section of an egg carton, opened a hole in it, and slipped the yawn through the hole. This was to be the fishing bobber. For the fish hook, I opened up a paper clip and she tied it to the end of the yawn. She actually enjoyed this little hands on activity. I appreciated how the stories used Bible references and discussed the importance of having Godly friends. We also discussed the Bible verse Luke 19:4. The boys in the story discovered a hollow sycamore tree and in this verse, Zaccheaus climbs up a sycamore tree to see Jesus. We also discussed Ephesians 6:1 "children obey your parents". This verse was also mentioned in the story. The boys also talked about testimonies. This gave me an opportunity to discuss with my daughter and help her understand what a testimony is. Another conversation some of the boys had was when one of them talked about his relative being a missionary in China. Last year, my daughter learned about China. We were able to review what she had learned and again look up the country on our globe. We also talked about China's political system and how missionaries have to meet in private. I also reminded her about the many blessings God has bestowed on us. How He decided that we would be born in a country were we are allowed to worship Him freely without any concern of repercussions. Beloved Books Sugar Creek Gang is complete for its purpose and I would recommend it but for older children.

Overall Thought:

My daughter and I enjoyed listening to the stories together, however, I had to stop the CDs every so often and make sure she understood what was happening. It's a bit hard to keep her attention unless she is doing something with her hands. Having comprehension questions and/or some kind of hands on activity at the end of every story would be beneficial, especially for the younger ones. I loved how the stories involved Scripture and talked about friendship.

I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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