Monday, October 1, 2012

Beeyoutiful Mineral Make Up

Beeyoutiful Mineral Makeup:

Beeyoutiful Mineral Makeup is made out of 100% pure minerals, it's all natural, and gluten free.  There are no dyes or fillers used to create the array of colors and shades. The colors are created by the different minerals being baked at varying degrees of heat. The minerals are then mixed to create the various shades and varying degrees of shimmer and shine. Since the make up is made of pure minerals each blend will weigh differently. Some minerals weigh more then others. The containers are filled by volume, not weight. Beeyoutiful Mineral Makeup provides the opportunity for one to purchase sample kits. The cost varies from $1 - $79. When you receive your samples and wish to purchase full sizes the cost would vary depending on the product. The cost for the foundation is $25. For the blush and bronzers the cost is $16 and for eye color it's $10. The brushes start at $6.50,however, you may purchase the kit for $49. Each brush is designed to work with both creams and powders. They clean and dry quickly. Winner of 2012 LNE & Spa's Best Brushes the bristles are hypoallergenic and they pick up color well and deliver a smooth application.


 My Experience:

I was so excited to find out I was selected to review this product. A while back I was using another mineral based make up and I wanted to compare both. Once I received the Beeyoutiful Mineral Make Up Kit,  I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty and elegant the make up bag was. The package came with a "How To DVD" which was really easy to follow. The DVD showed different techniques I may use to apply the make up. One of the techniques I used was the foiling technique. This method of appling eye make up helped me to learn how to accentuate my eyes. I had a few problem areas and was able to conceal them using another technique shown on the  Beeyoutiful Mineral Make Up DVD. Using the brushes felt fantastic and they worked really well. Having 20 foundation colors would make it easy for anyone to be able to find a shade that compliments their skin tone. Beeyoutiful Mineral Make Up also provides 45 eye colors which provides the opportunity for one to find a color to go with any outfit. It also has a broad range of blushes and bronzers. I really loved the product and I would recommend it.


Overall Thoughts: 

Since I have really sensitive skin, I appreciated that Beeyoutiful Mineral Makeup is made out of 100% pure minerals, it's all natural, and gluten free. I was also thankful that the "How To DVD" showed me techniques I may utilize to cover my problem areas. A few weeks ago, I was at church waiting for the leader to start the study. A lady that I know and I were chit chatting about make up. I had mention that I had received Beeyoutiful Mineral Make Up to review and I was excited. I had some of the make up on and she had asked me how long ago I had applied it. I told her it had been about 6 hours ago and she said "It seems like you just applied it." I really loved the glow the make up gave my face and how natural it looked. This product is complete for its purpose and I recommend it.

I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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