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BOX of I.D.E.As Pearl Harbor 

Box of I.D.E.As Pearl Harbor:

Box of Ideally Dynamic Enrichment Activities are great for teaching multi- level students. The activities focus on ages 9 to16 and are designed to supplement your curriculum.  Box of I.D.E.As are great for homeschool group activities, summertime learning, and as a break from the normal routine.

Each Box of IDEAS …
  • is easily portable to provide excellent waiting room and traveling activities to create learning opportunities on the go.  
  • is filled with interesting topic-focused activity based learning.

  • contains 10 (and sometimes more) modules with exercises designed around a captivating aspect of the Box topic

  • provides 10 (or more) engaging and thought provoking portfolio pieces to record the student’s journey through the box.

  • is packed with many additional ideas and suggestions for delving deeper into an area of interest.

  • has a variety of thoroughly researched web links to encourage further exploration of the topics.

  • A timed SAT style summary test is included in each box.
$49.00 (€36.75)  
                                                                $79.00 (€59.25)

"World War Two Pearl Harbor is an in depth look into the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as well as the events surrounding the United States entry into World War Two, specifically in the Pacific." The detailed activities of the events found in this box deal not only with the attack but everything that came before and after. "This detailed exploration of the "date that will live in infamy" will not only expose your kids to a detailed history of events but also to aspects of the big picture that you may have never thought of before."

Some modules include:
  • Before Becoming A Base - A look at the independent nation of Hawaii and life on the islands prior to and after Europeans and Americans began their explorations of the area.
  • Beginning of a Naval Presence - Prior to establishing a military presence in the Hawaiian Islands, the U.S. was more interested in industries such as whaling. This module will establish how the United States went from using the Islands as a commercial venture and expanded into establishing one of the strongest military bases in the Pacific.
  • A Week Before the Attack - While tensions were growing in the Pacific with Japan, the U.S was not prepared for an attack of the magnitude of Pearl Harbor.
  • Day of Infamy -A descriptive and concise introduction to the actual happenings on the fateful day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor ensuring the United States' involvement into WWII.

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My Homeschool Experience:

For this school year, I decided I wanted my 6 year old daughter to learn about American History. Even though Box of  I.D.E.As is geared for older children, I felt I could modify the lessons. For example, when we began our lesson "Beginnings of Naval Presence", I introduced the module by us playing the "Whaling and Exploring Game." The game introduced her to products that were derived from whales. We also watched an online documentary on whaling and talked about how common this practice was in the 1800's. This discussion lead to why whaling caused the US to have a military presence in Hawaii. This module helped me to be able to incorporate Science into the lesson. My daughter and I discussed whales and how they are classified as mammals. The second module I decided to study was "Before Becoming a Base." I introduced this module to her by us playing the game "Endangered Animals." We talked about why some of the animals are endangered and what the word means. Since we were discussing the adverse affect humans have on the ecosystem, I was able to explain to her why  the population of the black lipped oyster declined enormously. I was able to show her on our globe where the pearls were found (Hawaii) and why Europeans and Americans where enamored by the jewel. A few months before my wedding date, my husband's grandmother past away. My mother in law gave me a set of pearls that belonged to her mom. I was able to show my daughter the beautiful pearls and help her compare the difference between real pearls and faux ones. Box of I.D.E.As Pearl Harbor also provided the opportunity for me to use our globe and show my daughter where Hawaii is and the countries that were involved in WWII. Teaching my daughter about the history of the United States is very important to me and Box of I.D.E.As Pearl Harbor made this easy and fun.

Overall Thoughts:

I enjoyed supplementing my core curriculum with Box of I.D.E.As Pearl Harbor. Having all of the lessons in labeled separate zip lock bags made it really easy for me to find what I wanted to teach my daughter. Each bag had a label on it with the contents of that particular module written on it and the materials that would be needed to complete the activities. The answer keys to the activities were also provided. The extended activities helped me to incorporate hands on assignments while the web links gave me the opportunity to use educational slideshows, documentaries, photos, and things of that sort. Having discussions with her about the reason why the U.S. initially felt the urgency to establish a military presence in Hawaii was pretty thought provoking for her. Box of I.D.E.As not only educated my daughter about WWII but I was also able to incorporate other subjects such as Science and Geography. This program is complete for its purpose and I would recommend it.

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I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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