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BookShelf Central Famous Men of the Middle Ages

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Famous Men of the Middle Ages:
 BookShelf Central "is a one stop shopping for homeschooling with Tapestry of Grace." The site provides one with books that may be implemented with the curriculum. Famous Men of the Middle Ages read aloud is the book I decided to review for this school year. The guide through the "dark ages" of history explains how the world transitioned from the end of ancient times to what is now called the "modern era". Famous Men of the Middle Ages is used in Year 2 Unit 1 for about 5 weeks. Students in lower grammar, upper grammar,  and dialectic will enjoy the stories of the men in the Middle Ages. The cost for the book is $16.30.

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Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Our Homeschool Experience:

A few months ago, I contacted BookShelf Central and asked if I may review their book Famous Men of the Middle Ages. When I was approved to review the book, I was really excited. One of the men I read to my daughter about was Marco Polo.  I know this might sound a bit comical but the reason I selected him was because of the game "Marco Polo." (Currently, I am not using Tapestry of Grace so I had to decide what men I wanted my daughter to learn about.)When Marco Polo was seventeen, he accompanied his father and uncle to the Holy Land. Since my daughter had never seen pictures of the Holy Land, I showed her a You Tube Video of an individual that had traveled to Jerusalem and had documented his experience. Marco Polo had also traveled to China and was treated well by the Chinese Emperor. It is also assumed that Marco Polo may have suggested to Columbus the voyage that lead to the discovery of America. 

The other individual my daughter learned about was Mohammed. I actually gave her a few choices and she selected this one. Mohammed was a very truthful and trustworthy individual. He was born in Mecca a city in Arabia. As a boy he would help his uncle take care of his sheep and camels. At times he would accompany his uncle to the different parts of Arabia. On one of his journeys, he learned how to ride camels really well. Since the story had mentioned the word "camel" I decided to have a lesson on camels. We made a camel out of a toilet paper roll and played trivia. I also read a fictional story about a egotistical camel that lost its good looks. 

My daughter's Camel

Final Thoughts:

BookShelf Central made it really easy for me to find the books I needed. The selections were broken down into Year Plan, Units, Levels, Subjects, and List. All I had to do was click on the desired option and the books would be down loaded. The book "Famous Men of the Middle Ages" not only introduced my 6 year old to History but also Geography and Science. We were able to look at our globe and see where Jerusalem, Arabia, Mecca, and China are located. I was also able to do some research on the internet and find information about camels. This book is complete for its purpose and I would recommend it.

I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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