Monday, October 8, 2012

KinderBach Piano Lessons 


"Starting early with Music and Piano for Children is the best thing you can do for your child's brain development."  KinderBach is an online, DVD, CD, or Activity Book program that teaches children 3-7 years old how to play the Piano, read notes, learn intervals, rhythm, and music patterns. The kids will enjoy the simple songs, identify music direction, learn notes, and their beat. Level 1-6 will cover proper hand and finger position, staff note reading by pattern, and the keyboard. KinderBach does not use color, sticker, or number keys to teach your child how to play the Piano. The program simply teaches the notes and keeps the lessons fun by implementing games, puzzles, coloring, and singing. Musical experience is not required to teach KinderBach. This music program offers a free trail, coloring pages, and song books. For $7.99 a month or a one time payment of $95.88, the annual membership offers 6 levels of music education through 22 hours of video and interactive coloring pages. If you desire to get a feel for the lesson style to decide if this program will suit your family, you could pay for a one day pass for $5.95. For $99.75 KinderBach also offers music for groups such as private music studios or educational facilities. This classroom music program offers the teacher’s materials including teacher aids, lesson plans, and teacher’s guide. KinderBach also provides the common core standards for music."Research clearly shows Piano is the best instrument with the most benefits to brain development."


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My Homeschool Experience:

A few months ago my girl friend was introduced to KinderBach and she mentioned how much her son loved it. I really wanted my daughter to learn how to play the Piano but traditional lessons are so expensive. I signed up for the trail and my daughter loved it. We stopped using it after the free trial because we had so much going on. So when I had the opportunity to request to review KinderBach, I jumped on it. When I was selected to review this product, I was so excited. My 6 year old and I really enjoyed learning how to play the Piano together. We loved it so much we would complete several lessons in one day. The lessons were interactive and short which my daughter loved. They kept her singing, coloring, and physically engaged. My daughter loved all of the characters. Her favorite was Dodi the donkey. She also enjoyed using rhythm instruments. I appreciated the introduction at the beginning of every week  and the opportunity to print out the "print book" for every level before starting the lesson. I also appreciated how the lessons taught about sound, rhythm, and notes in a fun way. My daughter and I loved learning how to play the Piano together. KinderBach is complete for its purpose and we would recommend this product.
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I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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