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Samson's Classroom Sight Words, Reading, & Spelling

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 Samson's Classroom:

Samson's Classroom is an on-line Reading Software program which combines Sight Words, Reading, and Spelling. The umbrella on-line program provides a 3 minute Demo Video which shows you how to use the software. Samson's Classroom also provides the Demo Classroom.  This gives the student  the opportunity to try games out without having an account. Samson's Classroom is a program designed for children ages 4 -8. The Resource Center offers printable PDF Rewards which provides an opportunity for the student to receive a certificate. Samson's Classroom also provides "Samson's Classroom Letters." This option would give a teacher the opportunity  to send a letter home with each student notifying their parents about this product. In the Resource Center, you will also find Lesson Plans. This page provides a selection of suggested games that will help to reiterate the words being taught.

Sight Words with Samson

Sight Words with Samson is a reading program for beginners. The program gives the student the foundation he needs to become a successful reader. "This engaging product is proven to help early readers master the 224 most commonly used words in the English language."

Reading with Samson is a product that helps students analyze reading material and learn how to draw conclusions and answer questions based on the information. The program "combines everything you have come to expect from the Samson product line with a new patented user feedback system."

Spelling with Samson is a comprehensive program that has over 5000 words. The program provides the tools needed for the student to improve his spelling ability. Spelling with Samson also provides an opportunity for the teacher to customize the spelling list.

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Homeschool Experience:

My 6 year old really enjoyed playing some of the Samson's Classroom games. One of her favorites was Spelling With Samson "Crutch Time." In this game she needed to "watch out" for Wally the Walrus as she tried to keep Samson from falling into the cold icy water by spelling the word correctly. One of the other games that she also enjoyed playing was "Missing Letters." In "Missing Letters," my daughter helped "Samson karate chop his way through the missing letters for each word list." 

 Spelling with Samson 2

With Reading with Samson, my daughter loved reading the stories and later answering questions pertaining to what she had just read. If she answered a question incorrectly, the section in the story that had the answer would be highlighted. This gave her an opportunity to reread that section and try to find the correct answer. The stories were arranged in different levels. I was given the opportunity to select a level and have her read the story and answer the questions. If she mastered the game, she would earn a certain amount of "hammer swings." This would give her extra time to spend in the carnival. 

Reading with Samson 2

Sight Words with Samson provided a list of words for the student to master. The program would spell the word out a few times and use it in a sentence. Once the student knew how to spell the word, he could click on the "Next Word" button and move on to the following word. The program provided 4 levels. Each level had 7 lists of words. When my daughter mastered a list, she would receive a check mark (perfect score) and a gold star. For every 4 gold starts she earned, she would move up on the color belt system. "The Sight Words Black Belt Program is designed to help encourage and motivate your student." If she did not master a certain level, she would receive an X (needs improvement).

Overall Thoughts:

Samson's Classroom is an on-line Sight Words, Reading, and Spelling program that I would recommend. I appreciated being able to customize the spelling word list. This provided the opportunity for me to incorporate the words I was teaching her through my spelling program. Being able to see what words my daughter mastered and which ones she needed help with was also very helpful. One thing that I would change was what the program considered a "good grade." My daughter received a few 80% but the program considered this score to mean that she needed improvement. Even though some of the games were hard for my daughter to move Samson around, she enjoyed the program overall. I would recommend this program and it is complete for its purpose. 

I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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