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Growing Up Wild


Growing Up Wild:

"Growing Up Wild" The Wild Brothers   is a collection of educational DVDs that takes you into the jungles of Indonesia and shows you the day to day life of four brothers. "Each episode will share an aspect of missionary life and offer activity ideas that will cause your children to explore their world and connect with ours." The 15 episode DVD set comes in 5 volumes with 3 episodes on each one. Each episode is about 15 minutes long and includes an activity section which gives the child the opportunity to have a hands on educational experience. "Also, included on a separate CD with each volume is an activity guide for the teachers." This is a sample of the guide. This collection of DVDs was developed to compliment a homeschool or Sunday school curriculum. It can also be used for summer programs, schools, or extra semester study. "Growing Up Wild" can be used by students ages 5-12 but is educational and entertaining for all ages. Below you will find information on the two volumes I was given to review. Volume 1 and Volume 4.

Volume 1 

$18.99 + Tax

Home Sweet Hut

"In this episode, you will see a glimpse into the Wild brothers house and life. Learn how a house in the jungle is built and see the creatures that emerge in the night."

Supply Trip

"How do the Wild brothers buy and bring in supplies for months while living in the jungle? Come and watch as this episode takes off on a little bush airplane and ends with a pantry full of supplies."

Sun & Water

"Discover how the mighty sun's power and a rushing mountain stream can be harnessed and become useful daily tools for the Wild brothers and their family. Who knew learning about electricity and water pressure could be so much fun!"

 $18.99 + Tax

Amazing World Around Us

"Colorful pythons, tropical birds, a giant stick bug and a huge hairy spider are the stars of this exciting episode. Join the Wild brothers as they marvel at the amazing evidences of our Creator in the jungles of Papua."

Adventures In Culture

"Cultures are fascinating and different for all people groups. In this episode, you will follow the Wild brothers adventures in culture as they learn about war, hunting, red fruit and nose piercing."

Tribal Calling

"In one of our favorite episodes yet, discover how the Wilds knew that their calling was a tribal calling. Find out how icebergs, missionaries and the body of Christ are alike. You may be surprised to hear a calling of your own!"
Volumes 1-5 $80.99 + Shipping & Tax

What's Included

Volumes 1-5
5 DVDs
5 Activity Guide CDs
15 Episodes
Serious Adventure!
The Wild Family

Homeschool Experience: 

When I was selected for this review, I was so excited. My husband will be graduating next year with his masters degree and I really want to incorporate mission trips into our homeschool journey. My 6 year old and I LOVED watching the DVDs and learning about the life of the Wild Brothers. We had so much fun making a Wano house which was one of the many activities suggested. Another activity suggested was making a  Venn Diagram and noting the differences and similarities between the Wano People and our family. On one occasion my oldest, my 2 year old, and I watched one of the DVDs together. My youngest loved the "kitty cat." She got so excited when she saw it. :) It was pretty gross seeing it eat the mouse though. :) I loved how the mom incorporated God into every episode. She talked about how amazing He is and quoted Scripture. My daughter and I also watched the interview one of the brothers had with his uncle. One of the questions asked was "Why did you become a missionary?" He said "He wanted to be like Paul." How awesome is that!!!!!!!!! My daughter also learned about the animals that are indigenous to the region. We learned about the green python snake and how it's yellow when it's a baby. In this episode, the narrator made a comment about an 11 foot snake eating a human. Since my daughter could not visualize what 11 feet looks like, I ended up getting 2 measuring tapes and taping the ends together. At each foot, I had my daughter place a note card with the number corresponding to that measurement. Once done, she was able to see how long the snake was that ate a human. 

Measuring Tape 11 Ft. Snake
Wano House

Overall Thoughts:

My daughter and I loved watching the DVDs together. It was so much fun to learn about The Wild Brothers and their journey in Indonesia. I loved the hands on activities and how the mom and dad both incorporated God into every episode. For example, "Our main teaching object in Growing Up Wild is to spur one another on as followers of Christ. We would like to share with you a glimpse of our world, but mostly to testify to the greatness of the God we serve and how he is working in the remote corners of the world." This has been the only educational DVD that has made me cry. I really had such a hard time keeping the tears from coming. What an amazing family they are!!!!!My daughter and I were so fortunate to be given the opportunity to review these two DVDs. We loved watching the DVDs and we would recommend them. Since some items needed to be purchased for the hands on activities, the DVDs are not complete for their purpose.

"We hope and pray that "Growing Up Wild" will bless and challenge your children to see what part they can play in being obedient to God's word in seeing the nations reached with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!"

I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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