Monday, November 12, 2012

Teaching Kids To Sing


Teaching Kids To Sing: 

Teaching Kids to Sing 2-DVD/1-CD set teaches your children and their leaders about the child's voice. The materials are the result of over 40 years of study and teaching by Chris & Carole Beatty.."They are a unique blend of proven principles and fun, interactive exercises presented by Chris & Carole Beatty and the Vocal Coach Kids." The program is for children ages 5 through 6th grade. All the foundations from posture, breathing, tone, rhythm, diction, dynamics, and vocal health are introduced and demonstrated. The CD contains all the music used on the two DVD's in two versions: With vocals and track only. This allows the children to learn, then perform the songs.The first DVD "Building Foundations That Last" helps the student experience how the voice is designed to work. "Building Foundations That Last" guides the singer through posture, breathing tone, and warm -ups using interactive exercises. "This will lead to an understanding of the voice as well as muscle memory that will serve for a lifetime." "Essential Skills for Growing Voices" is the second DVD and it introduces rhythm, diction, and dynamics. It uses the same format of presenting a topic as the first DVD. As the singer becomes comfortable with the lesson being taught, the topic could be reinforced by listening to "Teaching Kids to Sing Accompaniment CD." "This is a convenient way to access the warm-ups and songs the student has been learning anywhere you can use a CD. For full flexibility each exercise and song is offered in two formats. First, with Chris and the Vocal Coach Kids singing with you. Second, with just the accompaniment. This gives you accompaniment that your kids can use even in performance situations."


Homeschool Experience:

"Teaching Kids To Sing" helps children learn how important proper posture and breathing is on the sound  their voice makes. While watching the DVD, Mr. Beatty is helping the children understand the importance of standing up straight when singing. He has the "Vocal Coach Kids" bring in items they use when involved in an extra curricular activity. Mr Beatty asked each student to take  the different stance they would have to make in order to perform their activity correctly. My daughter has been in dance for a few years. I had her stand up right and show me a dance step. Then I asked her to shrug her shoulders and perform the same step. This activity helped her understand how important it is to stand upright. We also sang the song "Upright Child of the King." This song would not only review the lesson but also helped her to remember that she needs to keep proper posture. After this little exercise, I asked her why it was important for her to have proper posture and she said "cause it helps me sing." We also enjoyed the different exercises used to help us understand how our bodies vibrate when making sound. We both made silly sounds and touched different areas of our body to feel the vibration. I have a piano and my daughter asked me to play some keys while she placed her hand on the piano. She was able to feel the piano vibrate which was pretty neat. The lessons were interactive and after each lesson, Mr Beatty would check for comprehension. Most of the topics were reiterated at the end of the lesson by using a song. One of the songs was "Breathing Rap." The "rap" helped the kids remember the body parts that move when breathing. My 6 year old daughter also learned how the tongue, teeth, and lips are used when singing. In order to show the kids how these parts of the mouth are used, Mr Beatty had students say silly phrases such as "The bigger the burger, the better the burger." Another one was "Tuna on toast taste terrific." My daughter also learned that when a certain note is accented, it changes the feel and sound of the beat. What I loved about "Teaching Kids to Sing", was the ending in the second volume. It ended with Scripture Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it." My daughter and I would recommend this product and it is complete for its purpose.



I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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