Friday, November 30, 2012

My Family Christmas Traditons

So what were my Christmas family traditions when I was a kid. Hispanics start their celebrations on December 24th, Noche Buena. I remember having all of my cousins and my aunts and uncles over until after mid night when Santa came. My parent's friend would dress up as Santa and come through the main door with a garbage bag full of toys. I always knew who it was. The poor man had so much hair on his chest that I could see it above the collar of the suit. We had so much fun being together as a family. Everyone would be dancing to Spanish music and of course eating lechon asado, roast pork. Yummy!!!! Those were some fun times.

Now, I'm married and have two beautiful little girls. Things have changed a bit from the all night Cuban parties with everyone dancing and eating. My family lives really far away and it is difficult for all of us to get together any more. My Christmas traditions now are based on teaching my two girls the reason why we celebrate Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ. Don't get me wrong, I do miss all of the partying and dancing but my main focus now is making sure my girls understand the true meaning of Christmas. So now, my sisters and their families come over and we celebrate together. It's not an all nighter but I love spending time with them and their kids. We all wake up on the 25th, eat breakfast together, and open our Christmas presents together. Things have changed but I'm okay with that.

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