Friday, May 31, 2013

Macaroni Kid Giveaway Mini IPad

Macaroni Kid delivers great information right to your inbox each week - local event listings, activities and crafts for your kids, book reviews, local business information, and more! So why isn't everyone subscribed? Macaroni Kid National thought that maybe a contest would help, and not just any contest - a contest where you could win an iPad Mini!

You heard right! Between now and June 15, every new subscriber to any of the 500+ Macaroni Kid editions will have a chance to win and iPad Mini! Help us get the word out! Wouldn't it be great for your mom, neighbor, or spouse to win?! Get them to sign up! Can't think of who to spread the word to? Local business owners, your child's piano teacher, your neighbor who coaches soccer, your friend who just had a baby, or your child's scout leader are just a few of the many, many people you can tell about the great resource called "Macaroni Kid"!

Just tell your friends and family to go to, and when they do, they can subscribe using the pop-up window, or they can click on the "Subscribe Here" area at the top right-hand side of the page.

More great news! Even if you are already a subscriber of Macaroni Kid Sebring, Avon Park and Lake Placid, there are other great newsletters from Macaroni Kid that you can subscribe to. Unfortunately, subscribing to these will not help your chances of winning, because there is only one entry per person, and if you are already a subscriber to any Macaroni Kid, then you are not eligible to enter this contest. However, there are lots of giveaways from all the different Macaroni Kid editions, so if you are interested in any of these editions, there may be other great prizes that you can win in the future by being a subscriber. And remember, the content of all these newsletters are still informative and keep your family entertained, and all the newsletters from Macaroni Kid are FREE! (Hint Hint: If your spouse is not a current subscriber, they can still subscribe to be entered to win!)

Macaroni Kid National - This is a great newsletter for anyone in the country!

Macaroni Kid Family Travel - Do you enjoy traveling with your family? If so, this is a great newsletter for you!

Macaroni Kid Safety - From toy recalls to food safety articles, they've got your answers here!

Macaroni Kid EATS! - Food, food, and more food! Simple recipes, great recipes for holidays, ways to use different ingredients, and more can be found in this great newsletter.

Macaroni Military Family - Written by a Military Mom for Military Families!

Macaroni Family Fitness - Ways to keep your family healthy and active.

Macaroni Stork - Are you expecting or did you just have a baby? You can find great information in this newsletter for new moms and moms-to-be!

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