Friday, May 31, 2013

Review on Read Naturally Individualized Program

Read Naturally

About Read Naturally:

Reading Naturally is an individualized web based program that uses strategies such as repeated reading, assessments, and progress monitoring to help students learn how to read. It's a reading program that promotes vocabulary development and comprehension. For $149.00, one student is able to enroll in the program. "Students progress through reading levels at their own pace, so more advanced students don’t have to wait for less skilled students to catch up. At the same time, struggling readers can continue working on a story without feeling pressured to move ahead too quickly." Students using Reading Naturally have the opportunity to choose from a selection of non-fiction and age appropriate stories giving them the sense of independence. The web based reading program helps them take their time to master a story and progress through reading levels.

Our Homeschool Experience:

My 7 year old daughter and I loved this web based reading program. She loved having the option of selecting her own stories to read and I loved that the stories were non-fiction. I appreciated that the reading program also checked for comprehension and promoted fluency and vocabulary. Being able to modify what level she was reading on without her having to read all of the books in that certain level was a convenient feature. There were a few times were I noticed that she was not being challenged. I was able to change the reading level to make sure it was not too easy for her. I also really liked being able to print out the assessment results. The print out showed a fluency graph, comprehension graph, retell graphs, level summary (list of results for each story in a level), and story details. Something that I also appreciated about the reading program was the ability it gave my daughter to re-answer a missed question. This opportunity was not immediate which confirmed that she had not memorized the answer. Something that made my daughter a bit nervous was the timed question at the end of each story. She had to recall and write the story in her own words.She also did not like the read out louds. The stories were read a bit too slow for her. I understand why this was done but she really disliked having to read them. She also did not like completing the vocabulary games. The games were beneficial not only because they were educational but also because they gave me an opportunity to accomplish other task around the house. The games would show a word and she had to find either the synonym or the antonym. Overall, this web based reading program was really great for our family and we would recommend it.

I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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