Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Juicing Experience

My Juicing Experience:
Trying to be Healthy

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This morning I went grocery shopping with my two girls. I ended up purchasing greens and fruit. I was really looking forward to getting home and having a nice fresh cup of juice for lunch. We arrived at home and I took all of the groceries out and stored them. I took out my juicer and I started cutting all of the fruits and vegetables. While I'm doing all of this, the girls were distracted by the TV. I'm was hoping that they did not notice all of the vegetables that were going into the juicer. I turned on the machine and chaos broke. My oldest started crying and said "I do not want juice." Poor thing, she is traumatized. So I ignored her and continued with my healthy concoction. I poured the juice into two cups (That's all the juice I got.), put my youngest down for a nap, and  BEGGED my oldest to drink the juice. She finally came up with the brilliant idea to have a race and see who could drink the juice the fastest. (Of course I made sure she won. ;)) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I succeeded again. She drank her juice.
Here is the recipe:
Organic Apples
Organic Carrots
Organic Kale
Organic Strawberries


  1. "Poor thing, she is traumatized. So I ignored her..." BWAHahahaha!

    I love juicing but, oh, I hate cleaning up the juicer when I'm finished. Mine is ancient and each tooth of the machine has to be brushed clean.

    Thanks for the recipe - it sounds yummy.

  2. I have yet to try juicing, mostly because I think it will spike my blood sugar. However, I'm wondering if this would be a good way to get my hubby and picky eaters to get more veggies in. :)

    Loved the traumatized line lol--sounds like something I'd do. ;)

  3. LOL Little kids are so funny. So did she enjoy her juice?

    I have 2 diabetics here so no juicing for us.

    1. No she did not but she had to drink it. :)

  4. And you let her win! My hubby tells me I need to let our kids win more often.