Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review on Moving Beyond the Page

All About Moving Beyond the Page:

Moving Beyond the Page is a literature-based homeschool curriculum. The research - based curriculum provides projects and supports different learning styles. The strategies assist in helping children make connections between subjects using unit studies that integrate subjects such as science, social studies, and language arts from preschool through middle school. The two subjects  I was given to review were Social Studies and Language Arts. These two packages are designed for children ages 7-9. In their Social Studies package, I received "Communities Change Over Time", "A Street Through Time", and "Weslandia". With these books your child will learn about various elements of culture and examine ways that technology and progress have influenced changes over time. The Language Arts package includes "Communities and Culture", "Adventures in Ancient Egypt", and "Adventures in the Middle Ages". "Through this literature unit, your child will see that communities and cultures change over time. Each time period has unique cultural elements and important aspects that changed communities in positive and negative ways. This unit is designed to help your child begin to understand the "big picture" of history."


"Able to read and comprehend chapter books on a 3rd or early 4th grade reading level"
"Can answer comprehension questions about a chapter in a journal"
"Able to write three or four sentences on a topic"
"Usually used by children in second or third grade"
Social Studies Package
Price subject to change without notice.

Price subject to change without notice. 
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Our Homeschool Experience:

Moving Beyond the Page is such a fun hands on curriculum. We loved the two books "Ancient Egypt" and "The Middle Ages". With these two books, I would be the narrator and my 7 year old would read the bubble thoughts. My daughter loved the adventures of the Blinkerton kids as they traveled back in time and learned what life was really like in that particular time period. With this Language Arts package, my daughter was able to review how to identify and describe the characters in the books and use a Venn Diagram to compared and contrast the differences and similarities between both cultures.

We also loved "A Street Through Time." This particular book came with the Social Studies package.Since my daughter is currently learning about Medieval Times, I decided to read "The Medieval Village" and "The Medieval Town" found in this particular book. With these two stories, my daughter and I played "I Spy."   What I would do was read the captions found next to every picture and she would try to find the pictures in the village or town. We also incorporated art into the lesson. We looked at the illustrations on both pages and talked about foreground, middle ground, and background. We also discussed how the illustrator used depth to make the picture look dimensional. With the book "Communities Change Over Time," my daughter learned about the plague and she created her own coat of arms. These two packages were complete for their purpose and I would recommend them.


I have been given this product free of charge for review purposes. 

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