Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review on Picaboo Photo Books

 About Picaboo Yearbooks:

Picaboo Yearbooks is an on-line based company that provides year books to consumers. The yearbooks come in hard cover, soft cover, and a free ebook. It is really easy and fun to create your own yearbook. Once you are on the website, you click on "Start a New Yearbook" and lay out the sections. The sections get assigned to the students or adults allowed to edit them. Now, they take over and are able to personalize their yearbook page. "Picaboo gives them the tools to unleash their creativity breathing life across the pages of their book." Everyone selected to edit the book is able to work on it from anywhere.There is no minimum purchase so you may buy your book directly from the company.

Soft Cover
STARTS AT $8.49 (20 PAGES) 
plus shipping
9" x 12" or 8.5" x 11"
Photo wraparound cover
3-week turnaround
Price subject to change without notice.
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Our Homeschool Experience:

We LOVE Picaboo Yearbooks. I was extremely excited when I was selected to review this product. When I received the yearbook, I was really impressed with the quality of the pictures.I loved the preview section and the "bird's eye" view. The preview section provided an opportunity for me to view the yearbook before purchasing it. The "bird's eye" view, laid out all of the pictures downloaded onto the yearbook so I could view them. Picaboo Yearbooks also provided so many background and cover options and various themed templates. Since the pictures were random photos that I had taken, I decided to use the same theme so there would be some cohesiveness from one page to the other. Placing stickers on the pictures was so much fun. Since my category was outdoors, I had a huge selection of different flowers and other outdoor items. I also had the option of making the pictures black and white or sepia. I also had the option to add borders, shapes, and corners to the pictures. Picaboo also provided the option to select how many pictures I wanted on one page and add text if I chose to. When adding the text, I was able to click on the magnifying glass and see what I was printing. Unfortunately, I was not paying too much attention. When I received the yearbook, there were a few misspells. Obviously this incident had nothing to do with the company and everything to do with me. :( I really LOVE Picaboo Yearbooks and I would recommend it.

One thing that did frustrate me a bit was every time I would click on the backwards arrow, the site would take me to the home page where I had to sign up again.

 CALL 1 (855) 537-0050
6AM to 5PM PST


 I have been given this product free of charge for review purposes. 

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  1. sounds like you had a minor frustration while doing this, but otherwise thoroughly enjoyed what you did and received. :) Do you think you'll make another one?

    annette @ a net in time