Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review on Bible Study Guide

 About The Bible Study Guide:

The  Bible Study Guide is a curriculum that takes your family/church through the Old Testament and some of the New Testament. The student will learn about the Bible and how to apply it to her life. The entire basic edition contains 104 lessons. The Primary Level is designed for children in the 1st and 2nd grade. Each student will be working out of their Primary Student Pages while the teacher uses her Primary Teacher Guide. Both guides provide the teacher and the student with step by step instructions through the lesson. The lessons are designed for a wide variety of reading levels. "Because students in the first grade and second grade differ so widely in reading level, we have created a Teacher Guide/Student Page combo that works in situation where the students barely read at all or where students read well OR in situations with a mixture of the two!" Besides providing both guides, the program also offers Summary Cards and a Children's Songs CD Set.


Our Homeschool Experience:

I loved Bible Study Guide. My 7 year old liked it but she was hoping to be able to complete some hands on projects. She is a tactile learner so she LOVES to do crafts and things of that sort. She also thought that the lessons were a bit too kiddish for her. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the program or just the child's maturity. Maybe I should of selected a higher grade. Something that I found to be a bit frustrating  was the way the student pages were bound. Having a spiral book would of been a bit easier to keep all of the pages from falling out. 

Besides all of this, the program was great. I loved the review section found in every lesson. This would help me to incorporate what she learned the day before into what she was learning that particular day. I also loved the "Memory Work" section. This section contained drills that would teach the Bible. The "Children's Songs CD" was one of my daughters favorite activities. She loved the songs "Twelve Sons of Jacob", "The B-I-B-L-E" and "Love Is Something if You Give It Away." With this last song, she would sign to it.  She would have me play all of these songs over and over again. The "Get Active" section helped her to actively use her body. This section reinforced the lesson in a fun way. For example, Lesson 6 taught my daughter about being wise and praying to God for help in this area. The activity in this section asked for me to write the letter "x" (showing wisdom) on one sheet of paper and a "w" (not showing wisdom) on another piece of paper. I taped one sheet on one wall and the another sheet on the opposite wall.  I read the scenarios found in the book and my daughter walked to the "x" or "w" depending if the individual in the scenario was being wise."Today's Bible Text" helped my daughter study the Bible. I would ask her to turn to a certain book, chapter, verse, and then I would ask her to read the verses. We would take turns reading the illustrated Bible story. The "Time Line" helped her to "understand the story line of the Bible and how all of the people and events fit into God's overall plan." "Apply It" section provided real life situations where she could learn how to apply the Bible verses she had just learned. I would definitely recommend this program. 

 I have been given this product free of charge for review purposes. 

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