Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review on God's World News

About God's World News:

God's World News is a faith based magazine that uses current real - life events to help your children grow their faith by assisting them in understanding the world. "Six age-level packages provide engaging ways for kids to explore world events, discoveries, people and places, all in a safe Christian context." GWN publications includes subjects such as science, social studies, geography, religion, civics, and economics.

News Flash is designed for 3rd through 4th grade students. This magazine introduces students to biblical worldview on current events. The stories are age appropriate and illustrate how God is active in the world. 

With each subscription, you will receive:

1) 10 monthly issues (every month except December & May).
2) 32 pages per issue, filled with age-appropriate news and activities.
3) Children's website access at kids
4) Weekly e-newsletter for adults, including answer keys to the magazine quizzes and puzzles.
5) Biographies to download and print, with quizzes and answer keys.
6) Locator maps correspond with a full-sized (20" x 30") world map sent in September (five maps sent to homeschool groups).

Full-Year News Flash (3rd-4th) 10 monthly issues $28.00 
For prices on individual issues, please visit GWN.

Price subject to change without notice.

Our Homeschool Experience:

We loved God's World News. One of the issues provided a supplement to a lesson that my daughter had learned in a homeschool co-op. This issue used a prism and light to explain how the light passes through the glass item and causes colors to appear. In the homeschool co-op that we are involved in, my daughter had used a prism and light and was able to see the colors appear. 

The article titled "Butterfly Science" found in the August issue discussed how scientists have figured out how to detect fake dollar bills. The issue discussed the Blue Morpho Butterfly's wings and  how their wings are covered in ridges. The ridges are so small that air can not get through them. "The ridges catch the light, break it apart, and reflect." This process is what makes the butterfly's wings appear blue and shimmery.These scientists have been able to learn how to copy these nano-shapes and make marks on important documents, such as dollar bills. The marks can be viewed if the dollar bill is authentic.     

We also loved the kids' website. Once my daughter was logged in, she loved the "Fun Stuff" tab. Here she was given links to click on. The activity that she selected to complete was "Map Coordinates Island 1." In this particle assignment she learned how to find things on a map by using coordinates. Another activity that she loved to complete was "Puzzling Times." With this worksheet, she was to start from the bottom last box and work herself up. There were boxes provided and some clues. A word was to be placed in each box with one letter changing with every step up the ladder. Thank God there was an answer key to the activities or we would of been in trouble. ;) Especially with the worksheet "Puzzling Times." It was definitely fun and very challenging. We loved it. 

Another tab found in the kids' website was "Know Me." Here she found biographies. The one that she read was Goliath. My daughter's favorite story when she was younger was the story about David and Goliath. My husband and I would take turns nightly reading it to her. It was the only story she wanted us to read. The story found in this biography was more detailed then the children's story we use to read to her before bed time. The publication included dates, information about the restoration of ancient things in Israel, and questions to check for comprehension. 

God's World News is a fun supplement to our curriculum and we would recommend it. 

I have been given this product free of charge for review purposes. 

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