Friday, March 15, 2013

Activities in a Bag

Activities in a Bag

About Activities in a Bag:
Activity in a Bag Crafts, provides self guided and fun hands on activities for children from kindergarten through 6th grade. The activities are very engaging. Each craft is contained in a one gallon zipper bag. There are a total of three craft kits. The activities may be used by a single family or in a swap. The cost for each Craft Book is $15. This includes instructions on how to coordinate a swap and 32 sets of instructions on  how to put together crafts kits. Many of the supplies needed for the crafts are items you will already have available.

 Activity Bags
8090 Downing Dr.
Denver, Co. 80229




 Our Homeschool Experience: 

My daughter and I would recommend Activities in a Bag and we LOVED it. We really enjoyed the hands on projects. It was so much fun to be able to complete the activities together and involve my 2 year old daughter. The instructions were easy to follow and I really appreciated that some of the supplies needed I already had. If I did not have an item, I was able to improvise. For example, with the bean mosaic, I did not have any dry beans so instead I used dry pasta and pom poms. My daughter also enjoyed making a mirror out of cardboard. At times while they were completing an activity, I played classical music in the background that I found on You Tube. My favorite experience was being able to complete some of the activities with my 2 year old. With her being so young, it's a bit hard to complete many of the lessons that I teach my 7 year old. Some of the crafts were a bit too young for my 7 year old so it was nice to be able to complete them with my youngest daughter. For example, she was able to color the template of the daisy and helped to glue the dry pasta and pom poms. Activities in a Bag is not complete for its purpose since some of the items might have to be purchased but I would recommend it.

I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.


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