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READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System

 Really Easy And Dynamic Strategies
About R.E.A.D.S. :

R.E.A.D.S.  is a set of tools and strategies that help children from 1st - 4th grade become better students by providing reading comprehension skills, improving reading proficiency, and promoting independence. READS is designed to follow the Common States Standards and helps develop critical thinking skills. The tools and strategies may be used with fiction or non fiction reading materials including those in your child's school reading program. The question cards are designed so that the adult does not have to read the entire book to check for comprehension. The child's answers to the cards' questions will reveal if she read and understood the reading material. The strategies are designed for children reading at, below, or above reading level. R.E.A.D.S. tools and strategies provide the opportunity for the child to improve her verbal skills by promoting conversation between the child and the parent.

  • READS Parent’s Manual "Describes how to use READS with your child.  Explains each component of READS, how to develop a dialog with your child about their reading and the meaning of each question card."
  • Question Cards and ring – "30 question cards designed to ensure your child’s focus on the reading material, help you determine if your child comprehended the material read, and to develop your child’s critical thinking skills.  Each card also contains a visual clue that matches the question on the card."
  • Rewards Chart & Stickers –"Kids love to track their progress and have tangible goals that are meaningful to them.  The Rewards Chart and stickers help them do just that." 
  • Magic Finger and Reading Guide Strip - "The Magic Finger helps your young reader track the text from word to word and prevents her from losing her place as she reads. The Reading Guide Strip highlights the line being read and blocks out the lines of text above and below to focus your child’s attention on one sentence at a time."
  • Speedy Speller – "Speedy Speller, a Handbook for Readers and Writers puts young writers in charge and provides them with their own spelling handbook that keeps growing.  The Speedy Speller contains 1,400 words along with commonly used abbreviations, numbers, symbols, punctuation and more."

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Homeschool Experience:

I really appreciated the READS comprehension  questions and reward chart. After my daughter would finish reading a book, I would go over some of the comprehension questions and have her choose which questions she wanted to answer. Her favorite questions were the ones with the carrot on the right hand corner. These questions where the higher level thinking questions. One of the questions asked "While you are reading, find an example of a simile." A few months ago, I had taught her what a simile is so this question gave me an opportunity to review. A question that she really enjoyed answering was "What question would you like to ask the author?" She is very creative and this question gave her an opportunity to think outside the box. Another question asked her to select two vocabulary words and give a synonym and antonym for each. She learned what these two words mean so this was another opportunity for review. When she would finish answering the questions, she would place a sticker on the reward chart. Her reward was to have ice cream once she filled up the entire row with stickers. We do not eat sugar very often so this was a big deal for her.

The Speedy Speller was so easy to use since all of the words were in alphabetical order. Towards the end of the handbook, the book provided an opportunity for my daughter to review punctuation marks, capitalization rules, and abbreviations. READS has not only provided an opportunity for me to make sure my daughter understood what she had read but it also allowed me to review language art lessons. I really appreciated the tools and strategies provided by R.E.A.D.S. and I would recommend it.


I have received this product free of charge for review purposes.

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  1. This sounds like a great reward type of tool for reading. Some kids really do well with this type of school. My 4th grader may enjoy something like this, he is not a very good reader.