Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friends and Heroes Homeschool Study


Homeschool Study:

Friends and Heroes Homeschool Study is a complete series of award winning adventures and Bible stories on DVD accompanied by 13 easy to use, hands on, and fun homeschool unit studies. Usually each unit study features stories from the Old and New Testament. The activities are for students from 7 years old to 11 and are highly adaptable and easy to incorporate into your homeschool activities. The activities are student centered and self guided. For $319.99, one receives the complete Homeschool Unit Study Series. The individual unit studies may be purchased for $29.99. 
The entire unit study series includes:

 Unique Homeschool Curriculum:

Ideal for students 7 to 11 years of age

    13 Unit Studies per Series - each Unit Study featuring at least two themed Bible stories (usually one Old and New Testament)

    Printable and reusable - use with multiple children simultaneously or over multiple school years

    Plenty of hands-on activities in each chapter to encourage kinesthetic learners and to keep younger fingers busy

    Opportunity for your children to create their own books as they progress through the curriculum (Macky's Journal) - great keepsakes for the children and records of progress

    Certificates of Achievement - great motivators and rewards for your hard-working children

Each unit covers:

  History/Geography - detailed, age-appropriate exploration of the Ancient Roman Empire and daily life in Early Church times

    Science (creation-based) - includes hands-on learning projects and investigations

    Creative writing - inspired by exciting video material with stories and characters children love

    Bible study - integrated closely into the whole learning experience, teaching children the relevance of important Biblical truths in their lives

    Crafts - great hands-on learning related to the subject material of each Unit Study

    Discipleship - dealing with issues relevant to the life and challenges in a homeschool family - chores, training, generosity, hopefulness, loving siblings, etc.

    All subjects are taught from a Christian worldview

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  usa@friendsandheroes.com or canada@friendsandheroes.com

Homeschool Experience: 

My daughter and I really enjoyed completing many of the activities found in the Friends and Heroes Homeschool Study. We enjoyed reading the Bible stories suggested and doing many of the activities. For example, when my daughter learned about Peter and Cornelius, the suggested activity was for a blanket to be placed on the floor and cut out pictures of different kinds of people to be placed on the blanket. I asked my daughter what she noticed about the pictures and she said "Everyone is different." I was then able to discuss with her how God made everyone different but are all equal in His sight. We also discussed where Alexandria, Egypt  and China are. One of the characters in the story was a dress maker. It was mentioned in one of the activities that Diana (dressmaker) would have probably received much of the cloth from exotic places such as China. I was able to use our interactive globe and ask my daughter where Egypt and China are. Using the globe, she was able to find out that there's a distance of over 4000 miles between the two countries. She was also able to listen to music from both countries and learn what currency they each use. Since the Romans ruled Egypt, my daughter also learned about them and their style of dressing. Using a blanket and one of my belts, my daughter dressed up as a female Roman. My 6 year old daughter also created a collage of the life in Egypt in Roman times. She also learned about all of the contributions the Romans made. For example, the alphabet, hospitals, and roads were some of those contributions. Keeping a journal about her daily adventures was one of the many activities suggested by Friends and Heroes Homeschool Study. She also imagined she was Macky's scribe and wrote about his adventures.
Overall Thought:

My daughter and I really enjoyed going through this homeschool study together. The suggested activities were fun and she loved to dress up as a Roman girl. Since my daughter is a kinesthetic learner, Friends and Heroes Homeschool Study kept her interested by implementing all of the fun activities. The only problem that I had was all of the printing one had to do. It was a bit time consuming and I used a lot of paper and ink. Besides this, I loved the creative writing assignments, how the Bible was being taught in such a child friend matter, and the hands on activities. Friends and Heroes Homeschool Study is complete for its purpose and I would recommend it.

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This product was given to me free of charge for review purposes.


  1. I Love this! I have never done a Bible themed Unit Study before, but I love the idea :) Thank you for sharing. IT is very affordable too, which is Great!

    Keri- A Home Schooling, Online Curricula Using, Unit Studies Loving, Co-Op Teaching, Craft Making ~>Momma<~ to DD & DS :`)

  2. Thanks my 6 year old really enjoyed it. :)